Woman Chops Her Husband’s Penis Off After She Catches Him Cheating …Then Cuts It Off AGAIN After Surgeons Reattach It

In no rational mind does the thought “Hmm, my husband’s been cheating on me so the best course of action to take is obviously to amputate his wiener.” You can plaster the town with flyers about your cheating spouse, you can give he/she a Christmas gift from hell and you can destroy his/her room with a can of red paint and a paintbrush, but cutting off body parts? Nah. That’s pushing it.

But it appears that not everyone agrees with this sentiment, since Feng Lung, 30, decided that cutting off her husband’s dick with a pair of scissors was the appropriate response to catching him cheating…then going back and cutting it off again after surgeons reattached it.

Two-timing dad-of-five Fan Lung, 32, had used his wife’s mobile to send lover Zhang Hung, 21, a saucy email from his marital home in the city of Shangqiu in central China’s Henan province.

But after forgetting to log out of his account, stunned wife Feng came across the message and several others, and flew into a rage.

Grabbing a pair of scissors she stormed into their bedroom where he was sleeping and cut off his penis.

Surgeons were able to reattach it, but fuming Feng sneaked into his hospital room and cut it off again before throwing it out of a window.

This prompted the cheat to turn on his wife and he was spotted naked and bloody attacking her outside the hospital.

Via Daily Mail

Hospital staff quickly intervened when someone came running into the reception area to report that there was a naked guy beating the crap out of a woman outside the hospital, and when the woman was taken inside to have her injuries addressed the staff discovered that Fan Lung’s dick had been chopped off again.

Although Fan Lung is now in stable condition his penis has not been recovered, with officials believing that it may have been carried off by a stray dog or cat. The only person who seems to care about that may be Fan though, since his lover is A-OKAY with a cock-less boyfriend:

Fan’s lover, who visited him at the hospital, said she planned to marry him as soon as she could.

‘It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility, he has five children already,’ Zhang said.

Via Daily Mail

True love never dies, guys.

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