Guy Finds Out His Wife’s Been Cheating On Him For 6 Years, So He Lines The Streets With Flyers About His ‘Whore Wife’


Via Total Frat Move

Another day, another story about someone’s whore wife who’s been boning her personal trainer for a solid 6 years without her husband finding out. I’m sure shit like this happens every day, but it’s not every day that your pissed off presumably soon-to-be-ex-husband decides the proper response would be to print out a bunch of flyers and throw them all around town. This guy’s got 0 fucks to give because his wife has stolen all of them and delivered them with her legs spread to her personal trainer.


But some people (myself included) don’t read things printed on paper. Why bother? The Internet is where it’s at, yo. Fuck your paper and gimme a laptop with at least a semi-decent wifi connection and I’ll be perfectly happy to read about your cheating whore wife. Richard (“lucky husband who got rid of a WHORE WIFE”) seems to have realized that people under the age of 25 don’t like words on paper, so he decided to be thorough and even left a Google review of the gym:


The only question anyone should have right now: who the fuck reads Google reviews? Someone introduce Richard to Yelp, ASAP.

[H/T Total Frat Move]