This Video Of A Woman ‘Disappearing’ On Live TV Has Gone Viral, See If You Can Figure Out The ‘Magic’

A video from a live shot on Norwegian TV has gone super viral because if you don’t pay close attention it looks like a woman just vanishes into thin air.

However, unless she is Susan Storm from The Fantastic Four – aka The Invisible Woman, she obviously didn’t.

That doesn’t mean that people on the Internet aren’t going nuts over it as it currently sits at over 3.4 million views in less than 24 hours. And sure, it kind of does look like she just disappears, but we all know that true magic only exists in the movies, right?

The video shot for for Sports Center on Norwegian television network TV2 shows two women at baggage claim in the airport. When one of the women starts to move out of the shot the other one is suddenly gone from the picture.

Of course, there is a very logical explanation for her disappearance…

See? Case closed.

H/T Unilad; Mirror

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