If You Don’t Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop This Woman Will Follow You Home And Take A Dump On Your Doorstep



I don’t care who you are or how old you are, poop is funny. In fact, you can combine the word “poop” with almost any word in the English language and it’ll probably be funny. Such combinations include, but are not limited to:

1. Poop-canoe
2. Poop-pop
3. Poop-desk
4. Poop-stoop
5. Poop-burger

Hell, the only combo that doesn’t work is “poop-poop,” and in that case it might just be me since I hate being redundant. However, one Los Angeles woman doesn’t think poop is funny, but if you ask me she’s full of shit.

A Beverly Grove resident [Annie Preece] recently got attention from neighbors and social media users after she wrote a note threatening to poop on the property of whoever did not pick up after their dogs in her neighborhood.


To be fair, an overabundance of dog shit everywhere is probably pretty annoying. Is it technically free manure for your lawn? Sure, but I guess some people out there just like to look out their front door and see an endless sea of dead grass and misery. The solution to living in the equivalent of a litter box would obviously be to pick your shit up after you’ve…well, shit. But Annie Preece has come up with a different solution, one that involves an eloquently written and polite letter to the people of Beverly Grove:

dog poop

Annie Preece, 007 dog poop watcher. Consider your doorstep doomed if she spies you leaving a free little mound of fertilizer where it doesn’t belong. According to Annie,

“I would never really do this, but it got the point across,” Preece said.


Riiight. If I lived in that neighborhood I’d make sure to leave extra dog shit around. Don’t be makin’ poo-oriented threats if you can’t follow through.

[H/T KTLA, image via Imgur]