This Woman Faked Her Death So She Could Get Out Of A Date With The Thirstiest Guy You’ll Ever Meet



The saying goes that there’s “a lot of fish in the sea,” but the other half of the saying that no one ever remembers is “and 99% of those fish are crazy so good fucking luck to you.” No one likes to admit it because it’s “mean” and “rude,” but a lot of people in the world are fucking nuts and socially stupid when it comes to interacting with other humans. Hell, I fall into that category myself. I hate people…and animals, and places, and basically everything.

However…that still makes me better than this guy because I can at least take a friggin’ hint.

Ann Gray met a man on an online dating site and went on a couple dates with him, but unfortunately for him after the third date Ann was like “Nah.” However, when she tried to let him down gently he didn’t take the hint. And by “didn’t take the hint” I mean “This guy may or may not have Aspergers.” So Ann did the only thing she could do…she faked her death with a barrage of not-very-convincing text messages from her sister.


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Luckily Ann never got a response from the guy after that, except for the time he caught her on another dating site a few months later and sent her shitty messages. Don’t worry Ann, just remember that there’s “a lot of fish in the sea…and 99% of those fish are crazy so good fucking luck to you.”


[H/T Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]