Gone Girl: Woman Allegedly Fakes Her Own Abduction To Get Out Of Planning Boyfriend’s Birthday Party

Jennifer Alvarez of Casa Grande, Arizona went full Gone Girl as she allegedly faked her own abduction Monday night. The reason? Oh, it’s a good one. She was “overwhelmed at the thought of planning her boyfriend’s birthday party.”

Alvarez’s boyfriend reported her missing on Tuesday after finding blood in his home and noticing that two of his guns were missing, The Arizona Republic reported.

Preliminary police reports warned the public that Alvarez was likely in danger.

But a man called police that day and said Alvarez had stayed in his home Monday night and asked him to drop her off at an Arizona City house, instead of her own home, on Tuesday morning.

Alvarez returned to her home Tuesday night, and initially told detectives she chose to disappear because she was overwhelmed at the thought of planning her boyfriend’s birthday party.

She claimed the blood in the house came from a dental filling that fell out during her elaborate birthday bail.

But that was only the FIRST story Alvarez told police. Later she told them another tale in which two men came to her home and stole her boyfriend’s guns. She said that she was so worried that her boyfriend would be mad about the theft that she busted up a cell phone and scratched the inside of her gums to leave a blood trail leading out of the home.

And apparently there was also a THIRD version of this story, but it didn’t fly with the cops either. All police know for sure is that Jennifer Alvarez wasn’t really kidnapped. The rest is still under investigation.

H/T Daily News