This Woman Performed The Smoothest Fall Down A Set Of Nightclub Stairs You’ll Ever See

Stairs in a nightclub are bound to cause more than their share of hilarious slips and tumbles. It’s just unavoidable when you mix alcohol with, you know, having to walk on an uneven surface.

But this woman, Olivia Wood, she took falling down a set of nightclub stairs to a place of grace perhaps never seen before.

Calling it their “Fall of the Week” (see, I told you this happens a lot), the Level Nightclub in Bolton, Greater Manchester captured footage of Olivia and her smooth flight down the stairs in all of its graceful glory.

When asked about the fall by Metro, Wood told them…

“I was tipsy but not wasted and just misread the step situation. My friend had just told me to ‘watch the steps as they are quite steep’ and I just turned and said ‘I know.’ and then completely flew!

“I just remember holding my breath the whole way down and saying to the woman who helped me up ‘I felt like superman then!’ Then I just got up, laughed and went and got a well earned shot! I just have a bruised leg thankfully but I still had a great night!”

A free drink, becoming Internet famous all for the price of flying down the stairs like Supergirl and a bruised leg? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.


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