Drunk Woman Faces Federal Charges After Soda Can Attack, Whipping Out Her Tits And Vaping During Flight

Vape fiends and drunks are dedicated, I’ll got to give you that. You’re not going to let a little thing like a long-distance flight get in the way with enjoying an e-cigarette and a vodka tonic. And Kristin Sharp isn’t going to let a flight get in the way of her vaping, drinking and flaunting her breasts.

Sharp is a 34-year-old Hawaiian realtor was on a Las Vegas-to-Honolulu flight last week. She was trying to make the absolute most of her travel, but these pesky flight attendants ruined everything!

On Thursday, Sharp was smoking her e-cigarette when she boarded an Allegiant Air flight in Las Vegas. When a crew member asked her to put away the device, she complied and did so immediately. However, once the plane was in the air, she began vaping at her seat and in the bathroom. Once again, a flight attendant requested Sharp to stop smoking. Sharp would later say that he was rude and treated her with “a lack of manners.”

Sharp didn’t take kindly to the request and things escalated to the point that she cursed at the flight attendant, then exposed her breasts to everyone in the cabin (LUCKIES!) and threw a half-full soda can at the employee. How did not one guy tackle the topless woman under the guise that she was a possible terrorist? Seems rather racist and sexist to me.

Sharp claims she was trying to throw the crumbled up can in a trash can when it “accidentally” hit the steward.

Passengers said Sharp was “drunk and belligerent” when she started a confrontation with the flight attendant.

Sharp fell asleep passed out after the incident. FBI agents greeted the sleepy Sharp when the plane landed in Hawaii.

Sharp’s boyfriend, Bryant Clark, had to deal with his chick’s erratic behavior. “She’s not a criminal by any means,” Clark said. “She’s a sweetheart, she’s a good person. She was tired. She was a little bit grumpy. I think that the flight attendant wasn’t doing things to de-escalate the situation.” How many times a month does he have to deal with her white girl drunk antics? He probably just puts his hands over his face and mutters, “Well, here we go again.”

Sharp has taken some of the blame, but has also criticized the flight attendant in an interview with Hawaii News Now:

“So I’m apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did. I think he had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude. It was an unfortunate incident to have with the flight attendant. However, I do feel that he was very rude to me and there was definitely a lack of manners and etiquette.”

Sources said the FBI is interviewing flight crew members and passengers,  federal authorities could bring a criminal charge early next week. The penalty for interfering with or assaulting a flight attendant can be a fine and/or prison time of up to 20 years. Vapers gonna vape and drunks gonna drink.

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