Woman Live-Streams Herself Drunk Driving, Is Arrested After Multiple People Watching The Stream Call Police (VIDEO)

When you’re drunk you don’t give a fuck. Don’t give a fuck that you just spent $50 on drinks for yourself, don’t give a fuck that your friends dipped from the bar without telling you because you were being “That Guy” who acts like a douche in the corner, and you don’t give a fuck that live-streaming yourself driving drunk will get you arrested quicker than Calvin Harris takes to Twitter to claim that Taylor Swift didn’t dump him for getting a back-alley handjob in a Thai parlor.

Whitney Beall, 23, falls into that last category. Not giving a shit that she was 1. Drunk and 2. Driving and 3. Live streaming said drunk driving, it’s not surprise that people watching her escapade online flipped out and promptly called the police.

Lakeland police say Beall received numerous text messages to stop driving before she killed someone or herself.

Beall told her viewers she was “drunk,” “f—ing drunk,” said she had a flat tire, and also said she didn’t know where she was.

“I really hope I don’t get a DUI,” she says seconds before she hits a sign in the median, which was also caught on video.

“I’m really drunk, and I’m drunk on I-4,” she says, even though she was not on Interstate 4.

A caller told 911 she was driving in north Lakeland and couldn’t provide an exact location but said he was watching the video on the live stream.

A police officer used a personal Periscope account to locate Beall on eastbound Carpenter’s Way, based on landmarks in the area.(via)

Beall was charged with a DUI, jailed and then released on bond.

[H/T Fox 13 News]