How About This Woman Who Lost ALL The Blood In Her Body And Still Survived (And May Be A Vampire)

I’m no Jeff People Doctor, but I’m fairly certain having blood in your body is critical to the whole being alive process.

So shoutout to Caris Strestik, of Perth, Australia, who lost all her blood and still survived.

Miracle? Definitely. Vampire? Probably.

Strestik was declared dead for 28 minutes (score another one for the vampire crowd) after a knife wound to her femoral artery drained every drop of blood from her body. Doctors said her heart was “empty” when they got her.

It began when she accidentally stabbed herself in the leg in the kitchen, slicing open her main artery. Paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital, where she was considered clinically dead. But doctors didn’t give up, pumping her full of blood, so much so that she emptied the hospital’s entire reserves.

Armadale Hospital emergency doctor Ash Mukherjee told Comment News she had completely bled out.

“She basically had no blood in her system,” he said.

“Her heart was empty, it was only through giving her blood that we were able to fill the heart – we finished the blood bank.”

Amazingly, after six hours of surgery and two days in a medically-induced coma, she awoke with no long-term damage. Strestik was even discharged from the hospital eight days later.


[H/T Daily Mail]