Woman Plunges To Her Death While Attempting To Take ‘The Perfect Selfie’

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When the 2014 calender year comes to a close, selfies will end up being a bigger killer than Ebola. It feels like once a week there’s a story about a selfie gone wrong.

This week, a tourist plunged to her death attempting to take “the perfect selfie” of a bridge (pictured above).

Teetering on the ledge of the Puente de Triana bridge in the city of Seville, medical student Sylwia Rajchel, 23, tried her best to take a photo of herself before the unthinkable happened — she slipped and fell 15 feet onto the concrete footings of the structure.

“This was a tragic accident and we are looking to make that stretch of boulevard along the river safer,” a city spokesman told Central European News.

It’s a shame, because she was gorgeous and had a bright future, but here’s a little tip to all the selfie snappers — THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE PERFECT SELFIE. Also, no one fucking cares about your selfie. They care for like ten seconds and then go “oh, cat photo!” and move on.

Every time I see selfies snapped in dangerous spots my first thought is “well that’s a pretty dumb thing to do” and actually think less of the person.

Don’t get yourself killed to impress your Instagram followers.

H/T New York Post

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