New Jersey Woman Receives Receipt That Says, ‘Fried Hard Like A Black Dick’ With Her Order Of Chicken Wings

by 4 years ago

Loretta Smith Layne ordered wings on July 25th from Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Her special instructions on her order were for the wings to be “fried hard.” When she finally received said order, not only were her wings prepared to her exact specifications, but she learned from the receipt that they were “fried hard like a black dick.”

First of all, Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz has an AGGRESSIVE receipt game.

Second of all, “fried hard like a black dick” doesn’t even make any sense. Who’s out there deep frying black cocks?

Third of all, what the fuck is “fried hard?” Does that mean the wings are burned or served overcooked rather than juicy and tender?

In an even more aggressive move, after initially apologizing for the unnecessarily graphic receipt, the owner of Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz (and I’m sorry, but how terrible is that fucking name?) is now back tracking saying that the receipt that is obviously from his restaurant may not even be from his restaurant.

Yeah, buddy, you’re right. This lady probably just wanted the shittiest 15 minutes of fame ever and forged a receipt about cooked dicks to get it. Right, right. Totally believable.

[H/T NBC 10]