Woman Reveals True Depth Of Crazy With These Kitty Cat Stockings

I personally believe that we’ve gonna a little overboard with the whole “bitches be crazy” thing. Women are only women, and the reason they appear crazy to gentlemen like ourselves is simply because we are not women and cannot understand the differences that come about from having the opposite sex organs.

So, women are not inherently crazy.

That said, I do believe any woman who owns more than two cats is completely and utterly fucking nuts and should never, not once, be even considered as marriage material.

And if she owns these kitty cat stockings? RUN.

Though crazy cat ladies do tend to be good in bed from my experience. So, you know, give it a try maybe. I’d say what’s the worst that could happen, but they will destroy your life. So enjoy it, but know it will come to a bitter, terrible end.

Also, I do not know this lady and I’m sure she is nice and smart and a good person. I am sorry for using you as an example to shame an entire subset of ladies. But cat ladies are crazy.

[Via Reddit; H/T @_Cooper]