Woman Tries To Get Revenge On Cheating Husband And It Totally Backfires

This woman wanted to get revenge on her cheating husband, but she went about it all wrong and it blows up in her face in this episode of Divorce Court.

This married couple had been married for eight years, and they went on a trip back to the husband’s home town in Kentucky to visit family. This gentleman tried to change his homecoming into a homecumming.

He hit up his old girlfriend on email and they planned a rendezvous to reignite old flames. The wife was all nosy and checked her husband’s email and saw that the two had hooked up.

She not only confronted the mistress on email, but also in person. Turns out they had a lot in common besides the love of the same dick. They developed an intimate relationship six months after her husband’s affair with his ex-girlfriend.

“I wanted a revenge cheating, so I won the affection of this girl and she ended up liking me more,” the scorned wife tells Judge Lynn Toler.

The wife thinks that all her friends will revel in her “revenge” by shrieking, “You go girl! You really showed him!” In reality you didn’t hurt your husband, unless you consider giving him a raging hard-on a punishment.

This woman didn’t get revenge on her husband by lezzing out his mistress. All she did was fuel his fantasies with dreams of threesomes with two chicks he is attracted to. Now they’re getting a divorce and he’ll go back to banging his ex again.

For women, revenge is a dish best served cold by going on a cock-a-palooza and bang anything with a dick. Want real revenge? Bang his coworker, brother or dad. C’mon lady, if you’re going to avenge someone who slighted you, do it properly.