Woman And Her 12 Kids Stage Least Effective Protest Ever Over Transgender Bathrooms In The Halls Of Her Local Target

Imagine having 12 kids? Holy shit. I mean, for you bros who just keep successfully pumping them out, I tip my hat to you, because I have zero idea how anyone can handle that. I’ve seen Cheaper By The Dozen about 4 times and everytime I watch it, the only thing I can think about is “How is this family not cripplingly poor?” I literally don’t see why you need that many kids.

Some anti-transgender bathroom woman, however, is starting make me question everything I’ve thought about having that many children. Namely, all of the uses for them. You could have a full basketball team plus subs. You could have a full baseball team plus subs. You could mass produce cheaply made products and sell them for quadruple the price and literally have no obligation to pay your workers since you can just write it off as their ‘chores’. Plus, with this many kids, you’re going to start having grandkids. One thing leads to another and suddenly, you’re a textile manufacturing conglomerate with not a single expense since you have your kin working for you out of your own basement. You could lead your own protest march through the halls of your local Target in an attempt to stifle the corporation’s plans to allow transgender people into bathrooms.

I know I’m just a blogger who makes half-funny dick jokes online and studied English in college, but I would argue that the worst way to convince people you aren’t crazy is by parading around Target talking about how the Devil’s going to rape your children. “Hey did you see that woman with her 12 kids in the bread aisle screaming about how the trans-Devils were going to fill our daughters with their seeds? I think she has a Ph.D. We should listen to her.” It takes a bold kind of person to wage war on Target. I could see Wal-MArt, they’re less put together. But Target ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit. It takes the kind of balls that only a person who is willingly raising 12 children could possibly have. I guess when you have to tackle the rearing of 12 kids everyday, publicly reprimanding a consumer behemoth is pretty much just a hobby. Regular moms take up hobbies such as knitting or over-consuming red wine. She’s an alpha mom. She eats Target’s political correctness campaigns for breakfast with a side of eggs and an additional side of not giving a fuck about your opinions.