Woman Tries To Steal Package From Porch And Gets Hilarious Instant Karma Instead

by 1 year ago

It’s that time of the year when you wisely do your holiday shopping online and receive your merchandise at your home because the mall is an absolute clusterfuck. However, there are some greedy cumstains who drive around neighborhoods searching for packages left on doorsteps while the homeowners are away at work and snatch the boxes. Fuck these people.

This colostomy bag of a human being exits a fairly new vehicle and casually walks to the front door of this house. She then begins to steal a large box, but there is no Christmas present inside. Instead, in the box awaits some instant karma in the form of a blank 12-gauge shotgun shell that has a small blast. The woman screams in fright and runs back to her car.

The homeowner rigged the decoy package after he was fed up with porch pirates stealing Jeep parts from his front step.

Was this a fantastic theft-deterrent or should she have left with less fingers?

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