Woman Sues Surgeon For Implanting Device In Her That He Made In His Garage

by 4 years ago
Spine Surgery


Last week, I posted a chart of the things people feared will kill them and the things that will actually kill them. For example, people are afraid to get eaten by a shark. Maybe ten people are eaten by sharks each year. Few people are afraid of doctors but those fuckers are constantly killing people.

This lady didn’t die but she did have a surgeon implant some homemade MacGyver devices inside her during a spine surgery. A Raleigh woman is suing two medical device companies and a spine surgeon. She claims the surgeon implanted a homemade device in her neck and upper back that he created in his garage.

An X-ray of Williams’ back after her second surgery showed the U-shaped device that was implanted in her body. Hey talked about the surgery on his blog, calling the device the “U-Rod,” saying he bent the medical device using a vise he brought from home and a piece of pipe he bought at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Williams says she felt like a guinea pig. Notes from the post-operation, however, show Williams gave consent to the second surgery. She contends she was out of it in the days leading up to the surgery because of pain and medications and contends she was in no condition to provide consent.

Dude went all Dr. Frankenstein on this woman without asking! Have we come to the point as a society where we’ve got to ask doctors “yo, you’re not putting any shit from Home Depot into my body, right?”

I don’t want to go in for a prostate checkup and find out months later I’ve got a garage door sensor up my ass.


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