Incredibly Efficient Woman Sends A Savage Text Breaking Up With FOUR Guys In One Fell Swoop

woman text break up four guys


I suppose if you are already at the point where you are dating four guys breaking up with all of them in this fashion is pretty much right up your alley.

As this text conversation shared by Reddit user magnetometers shows, women can be just as awful as men when it comes to relationships.

The topper here is that this woman was dumping all four guys so, wait for it… she could get back with her ex. This is a woman making moves, bros.

Her text reads…

Hey soo this isn’t the message I guess you want to be getting but my ex contacted me again on the weekend and came to my work today and I have decided instead of breaking up we are going to give each other a second chance and start to date again and see what happens. I really don’t know what else to say.


As you can see, one of the fellas did actually respond, “Doing it via group message to all the guys you’re talking to. Efficient I guess.”

Efficient? Yes. Considerate? Not so much.

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