This Woman Tried To Kill Her Husband By Injecting Her Feces Into His Bloodstream

Here’s your “And The World Continues To Burn” news of the day!

Rose Mary Vogel, a 66-year-old woman from Arizona (shockingly, NOT FLORIDA) was caught in January trying to inject her shit — REAL HUMAN SHIT — into her husband’s IV as the poor fuck was in the hospital recovering from surgery. For her troubles, and alleged attempted murder, Vogel received a one year prison sentence and the judge told her that she “could serve the jail sentence on the weekends.” Talk about a load of shit…

According to News 10:

Vogel was arrested in late January after she was caught injecting her husband’s IV line with fecal matter at Chandler Regional Hospital, according to court documents.

Her husband was in the hospital recovering from surgery when Vogel, 66, made an attempt on his life, Chandler Police Spokesman Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

In the hearing Tuesday morning, Vogel claimed she was sleep deprived and depressed at the time of the decision.

“I have no recollection of any of it,” Vogel said. “I’ve always loved my husband through sickness and in health,”

Her husband, Phillip Vogel, told the judge that he still loved his wife and had forgiven her for her actions.

“(It’s) nothing anyone could have foreseen, that’s what makes it so tragic,” Vogel said. “It’s so devastating on our family. Rose Mary is no danger to me.”

Of course Rose Mary is “no danger” to her husband…as long as he doesn’t mind waking up with a mouth full of shit every so often.