This 6’5″ Model From California Just Set The U.S. Record For ‘Longest Legs’ So If You’re Into Legs…

Chase Kennedy is a 6’5″ model from San Luis Obispo and she believes she’s just set the United States record for having the ‘longest legs’. After seeing a video on Barcroft TV of Holly Burt, the woman who currently holds the record, Chase Kennedy became curious about how her lengthy stems would stack up to Holly’s. Well, after doing some measuring of her own Chase Kennedy now believes that she is the true record holder.

Her legs are only 0.9″ off of the world record for ‘longest legs’ (by a female), and after contacting Barcroft TV for an official measuring Chase Kennedy has reportedly set the U.S. record. As you can see in that video above she’s got some truly gigantic legs, legs that measure 49.5 inches in length. That’s over 4 feet of JUST LEGS.

The DailyMail reports:

At 6’5″ tall, Chase Kennedy’s legs measure 51 inches – only 0.9 inches off the world record. The leggy beauty from San Luis Obispo was nicknamed ‘legs’ and ‘giraffe’ in school, but says that her assets have helped her excel in sports.
And now Chase has emerged to trump the current US record holder, Holly Burt – whose legs measure an impressive 49.5 inches.
I am proud of my legs – I wouldn’t want anything different,’ she said. ‘I believe I hold the record for America’s longest legs and I love being tall.
‘When I saw Holly’s video on Barcroft TV I was kind of bummed because I thought maybe her legs were longer than mine and I will never get the title.
‘But then I measured myself and found out I am actually longer than Holly’s legs.’
While Chase is currently in a relationship with a 6’4″ man named Jason, she admits that dating has been a problem in the past.

I guess she should consider herself pretty fortunate for growing up and living in the state of California, where everyone is freakishly tall and anyone below 6ft is considered extremely short. I would have loved to have included all of the Getty Image/Barcroft photos from the DailyMail piece but apparently Barcroft has them under some sort of gag order until later today, or tomorrow, I’m not sure. I found them on Getty Images and then when I logged in to download them they’d miraculously disappeared…Classic Barcroft. Anyways, for photos you can follow the link above and head on over to the Daily Mail.

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