Can You Figure Out Why This Woman’s Been On More Than 130 Dates In Under 2 Years, But Never A Second Date?



I call bullshit. I suck butt at math and never took a stats class, but ignoring all that information I’m pretty sure it’s statistically impossible to go on 130 dates and have none of those dudes ask you out for a second romp around the town. Belinda Stuckey is either a terrible date and is unintentionally driving men away from her, or too goddamn picky. Life isn’t a Disney movie, lady. Your Aladdin isn’t going to be a prince on a flying carpet, more likely than not he’ll be a mid-level salesperson for an “eh” company who drives a Volvo.

That’s still better than nothing, isn’t it? Apparently not for Belinda. According to Daily Mail,

Belinda Stuckey has been on two dates every week for almost a year and a half without any resulting in a second date – but that hasn’t discouraged the determined woman from continuing on her journey to find that special someone.

The stunning blonde is one of the most contacted members on the eHarmony dating website, attracting more than 4,700 matches since signing up in December 2013.

However, after going on more than 130 dates, the 35-year-old is still waiting for a mutual spark to fly before venturing into that elusive second date.

Despite the dating game becoming almost like a part-time job, the school teacher from Kellyville, in northwestern Sydney, will keep searching because there is no doubt in her mind that the ideal man is out there somewhere.

Your ideal man does not exist because you’ve built him up in your head to be Superman, who SPOILER ALERT: doesn’t exist. According to Belinda none of her dates have been disastrous, but there also hasn’t been any sparks. “Either they like me and I don’t like them or vice versa,” which tells me that she’s being picky. It’s only one date! Multitudes of stupid dating advice columns have told me that you can tell a lot from the first date, but note how I said they were stupid so yeah you should probably wait until at least the second date before throwing these men to the wolves.

But don’t worry (not that you were worried at all in the first place, but just in case), Belinda says she has thick skin and takes all the rejections with a grain of salt.

However, this is not to say that she doesn’t feel deflated if she is interested in her date but the feeling isn’t mutual.

‘If I don’t hear from him again I wonder what I did to turn him off – “Did I do something wrong? Did I not show enough skin? What can I do better next time?”.’(Via)

You were too picky, that’s what you did wrong. Lower your standards, sit back and watch the dicks flock to your doorstep like a fat kid trying to escape from fat camp. They might not come quick because, y’know, fat, but they’ll get there. Eventually.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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