This Woman’s Insanely Cluttered Computer Desktop Is Making The Internet’s Skin Crawl

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If you are even the teeniest, tiniest bit of a neat freak, or well, just NORMAL, then I warn you, looking at this woman’s computer desktop is going to make you very, very uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and she knows it too. That’s why this woman, we’ll call her Carley, because that’s her name, texts her friend Aida a screenshot of her desktop every day. Just to drive her insane. (Gotta admit, despite the desktop, I like Carley’s style.)

So, if you are one of those people who likes things tidy, get ready to become very stressed out by Carley’s computer desktop.

Yes, I am stalling, because it is so, so bad and I am trying to spare you the horror.

You ready?

Okay, here goes!

Dear God, please make her stop. How can someone live like that?

Naturally, the many fine folks on Twitter had reactions. They can be, for the most part, broken into two categories.

(1) People who were completely freaked out by Carley’s computer desktop (AKA normal people)…

And (2) those who are just like Carley (AKA weirdos)…

On the plus side, at least sharing Carley’s mess on Twitter resulted some therapeutic relief for Aida…

Just so wrong.

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