Woman’s Dream Flight Got Turned Into An Absolute Nightmare Thanks To The WORST Passenger EVER

womans dream flight turned nightmare worst passenger ever


Flying, for the most part, kind of sucks. Oh sure, you get to your destination quicker than any other form of transportation, but if you fly commercial, it is rarely a pleasant experience. That being said, once in a blue moon you have something happen on a flight that makes it not so horrible. And by “something” I pretty much mean that the seat next to you is empty. Because, you know, people are disgusting.

So, knowing all of that, imagine how ecstatic this woman from San Francisco named Jessie Char was when her flight took off and the seats next to her looked like this…

Seriously, that’s like hitting the traveling lottery right there. A whole freaking row to yourself? I’d immediately go buy me a PowerBall ticket after that happened.

Unfortunately, her bliss turned out to be short-lived thanks to, in my opinion, the WORST AIRLINE PASSENGER EVER.

Here’s how Char described the unfolding horror to Mashable

“I was flying back home yesterday and was thrilled to discover that I was the only person seated in my row. It’s right up there with being upgraded to first class!” Char wrote in an email. “I even left all the arm rests up so I could live it up on my private bench in the sky. A few minutes in, one of the arm rests came crashing down. I looked over, figuring there was a loose hinge.”

As you may have guessed, the hinge was not loose.

“A few moments later, a foot slowly emerged like a lizard hatching from an egg and seeing its first light of day,” Char explained. “Just beyond that: another foot. I leaned back close to my chair to snap a picture without being seen in between the seats.”

Now physical violence is never the answer, but this person? I don’t know, might be worth a shot. Especially when you read Char’s next tweets.

Naturally, AS THEY SHOULD BE, people on Twitter were mortified…


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