This Woman’s ‘Shock Face’ When Trump Calls Hillary A ‘Bigot’ Is The #1 Reaction GIF Of The 2016 Election

Donald Trump was speaking at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday night. One would assume that he was there to try to get some of the people there who are overwhelmingly Democrats to move over to his side.

What he ended up doing was shocking a whole lot of people in attendance and on television by loudly proclaiming, “Hillary Clinton is a bigot!”

Now whether you believe him or not, it doesn’t really matter here today because whether accurate or not Trump is now the reason we have the greatest reaction GIF of the 2016 election.

Check out the woman standing behind and to the right of Trump when he drops his bigot bomb…

I have no idea who this woman is, but God bless her for making me laugh so hard this morning.

Here’s another look…

Needless to say, Hillary didn’t take Trump’s accusation lightly, going off on him when she spoke to Anderson Cooper later in the day…

What a time to be alive and be an American, huh?

H/T Esquire