Women Reveal What Men Are Doing Wrong On Dating Sites – So Stop Doing These Things

For guys, there’s a ton of competition on dating sites when trying to meet chicks. But how can you enhance your chances? Well, the ladies have chimed in with some valuable input on how to do better on dating sites.

In a recent Ask Reddit, this question was pondered, “Women on dating websites: What are men doing wrong?” Turns out a lot. Women had a plethora of advice and critiques of guys on dating sites. Couldn’t hurt to see what the opposite sex is saying and maybe make some subtle changes to your approach and/or profile.

eggrolt: Old photos on their profile. I was talking to this guy about and being catfished I said (as a joke), “…your photos aren’t from 2014 or something right?”. And he admitted that his photos were old and that he doesn’t look like that anymore.

MissyJ22: Immediately telling us they’re horny. Soooooo BORING

eatmelikeacannibal: Shirtless bathroom mirror selfie as profile photo.

ilovecorbin: This is kinda shallow but if you have a shirtless picture on your profile then I am completely turned off.

cullercoats: Not reading the information I have on my profile.

Amjo87: They don’t ask a question back after answering one. Not all guys but some. I usually just write them off as being social inept if I’m the one doing the asking all the time.

FuckCargoShorts: Assuming that us not responding to your message within half an hour means we’re not interested. We’re literally drowning in replies/messages and sometimes it takes awhile to sift through the garbage to find the ones we want to reply to.

pinkshdw666: Shirtless pics/ pics that just barely cover your dick. Group pics. I’m not trying to guess who you are. Only having one picture or thousands. Profile pictures with you drinking or groping some girl.

dove99: Using the snapchat dog filter. To be honest most of my friends have a 90% match rate so sifting through messages is hard. Maybe try to stand out? Some guy messaged me the other day saying “Hey you dropped something” I had to reply and say what, he said “your standards” so maybe get someones attention in a funny way?

qtbabyy: Messages saying how “perfect” they think I am and asking for marriage. Like uh no you don’t know anything about me. Saying things like “I’ll spoil you” etc, being extremely sexual right away. Saying “hi” then after they get a response they respond with ” Ima fuck you so hard til you scream.”

kemahaney: Saying nice guy – nice guy is wicked passive aggressive. It is like you have to convince yourself of that but the reality is you can be a dick. Sending dick pics – seriously don’t want to see it. Asking for pics of my tits.

SlanginPie: Sup
Wanna come over
Not knowing how to carry on a conversation
Referring to women as crazy in the first message
Pictures from their wedding as their profile picture (seriously)
Poor Grammar
headless, shirtless mirror shots
Not paying attention to any of the things in my profile (for example, I specifically state not 420 friendly in my profile – literally had someone message me whos “tagline” was Weed Is Life
Calling me Hun or Babe or Sweetheart or any other term of endearment before knowing me
No profile picture

venomoth91: Asking me to “Netflix and Chill” or something similar for our first meetup. I get that Tinder is supposedly a hookup app, but I gotta make sure you’re not a serial killer first before I let you into my place or go to yours.

Not being honest with your intentions. It’s perfectly fine if you only want to hookup or don’t want a relationship, but tell me that ASAP. Don’t take me out on a nice romantic date and then get upset that I didn’t want to have sex with you at the end. You’re the one who lied, not me.

Assuming I’m not interested if I don’t respond quickly. I work a ton and I’m often away from my phone when I’m busy. I’m not “ignoring you” but I will start to if you accuse me of it. The exception to this rule is if we’re having a conversation regarding plans to hang out in person later that day. If I know we’ve already scheduled something, I’ll try my best to respond quickly.
Asking me to send nudes. Just no. Go watch porn.

Bragging about your “big” dick. I’ve seen a lot of different dicks throughout my lifetime and they’ve all looked mostly the same. Your dick is not that special unless the guy attached to it is. Besides, if I like a guy enough to date him, I’m going to appreciate whatever he has down there simply because it’s his. Size really doesn’t matter.

Telling me not to wear heels on our first date because you’re afraid of me becoming taller than you (I list my height in my profile as a warning because I’m aware that a lot of guys don’t like tall women). If you’re that offended by a pair of shoes, I’m cancelling our first date and probably blocking you. Plus I don’t give AF if you’re shorter.

Saying you’d like to cook or buy me dinner because I’m “too skinny.” Why are you wasting your time talking to me if you don’t like my body? I love my healthy, athletic (and naturally skinny) body the way it is and I’m not gonna change it to fit some guy’s preferences.