Women Reveal What Men Are Doing Wrong On Dating Sites – So Stop Doing These Things

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For guys, there’s a ton of competition on dating sites when trying to meet chicks. But how can you enhance your chances? Well, the ladies have chimed in with some valuable input on how to do better on dating sites.

In a recent Ask Reddit, this question was pondered, “Women on dating websites: What are men doing wrong?” Turns out a lot. Women had a plethora of advice and critiques of guys on dating sites. Couldn’t hurt to see what the opposite sex is saying and maybe make some subtle changes to your approach and/or profile.

eggrolt: Old photos on their profile. I was talking to this guy about and being catfished I said (as a joke), “…your photos aren’t from 2014 or something right?”. And he admitted that his photos were old and that he doesn’t look like that anymore.

MissyJ22: Immediately telling us they’re horny. Soooooo BORING

eatmelikeacannibal: Shirtless bathroom mirror selfie as profile photo.

ilovecorbin: This is kinda shallow but if you have a shirtless picture on your profile then I am completely turned off.

cullercoats: Not reading the information I have on my profile.

Amjo87: They don’t ask a question back after answering one. Not all guys but some. I usually just write them off as being social inept if I’m the one doing the asking all the time.

FuckCargoShorts: Assuming that us not responding to your message within half an hour means we’re not interested. We’re literally drowning in replies/messages and sometimes it takes awhile to sift through the garbage to find the ones we want to reply to.

pinkshdw666: Shirtless pics/ pics that just barely cover your dick. Group pics. I’m not trying to guess who you are. Only having one picture or thousands. Profile pictures with you drinking or groping some girl.

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