Women Attempt To Sexually Harass Men On The Street, And Well, They Absolutely Loved It

Comedian Soojeong Son conducted a social experiment where she and her friend walked up to guys and whispered provocative remarks into their ears. If she thought that her study was going to erupt in outrage, anger and embarrassment, she was dead wrong.

Apparently there is something called “drive-by harassment,” where men walk up to strange girls and whisper sexual comments to them. Fuck, you creepers are pathetic. The comedian flipped the script and the results are actually hilarious.

The girls preyed upon men in Bryant Park in New York City by saying things such as “I love that cock,” “I want to fuck you,” “Mmmm that dick” and “I want to destroy your dick.” Despicable.

The reactions? Smiles from ear-to-ear. The gentlemen completely embraced the crude catcalls in the video for the social experiment called “The Shame Game.”

“The lesson here,” said Son’s friend in the video, “is that no one learned anything.”

The conclusion? Men are just pigs. Oink! Oink! My good man!

I hate to be hypocritical and have a double standard, but it’s so creepy when a guy shouts sexual comments at a random girl just trying to walk to work. However when a girl does it, I must admit there is something rather seductive about it. Maybe because it practically never happens. Maybe if girls were shouting, “I love your bulge!” every single day I would soon tire of it, get upset and start wearing baggier shorts. But probably not.