Study Shows 50% Of Young Women Don’t Know Where Their Vagina Is


I’d like to think I could point to my penis on a diagram of the human body. I’d also like to think I could pick my penis out of a lineup of other penises. I wouldn’t like to actually see a penis lineup but I’d like to think I’d recognize my own Reginald Dong Johnson.

A new study of 1,000 women found that only half of the women between the ages of 26 and 35 could correctly label that part of their anatomy on a medical drawing of the female reproductive system. Women between the ages of 66 to 75 were much better at spotting the old wizard sleeve on a drawing, even though they probably haven’t seen their own vagina in decades.

All kidding aside, researchers claim the real issue isn’t that women don’t know where the vagina is on their body, but that they’re too embarrassed to even use the word vagina. They’re also too scared to talk about the dangers lurking in the down there region and most participants were “unable to name a single correct symptom of any of the five gynecological cancers, which affect the womb, cervix, ovaries, vagina and vulva.”

For your own health ladies, learn the parts of your body. It might save your life. If you need help I’ll gladly assist. It will be strictly medical. Now, get naked and I’ll point out the different parts of your body with my personal pointer. Don’t worry, the pointer will get bigger the more you disrobe.

H/T Express UK

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