We Now Live A World With The First ‘Vegan Butcher,’ And That’s Awesome Right?

by 3 years ago

Hey, did any of your vegan friends tell you about the new “vegan butcher?” No? Well you must have not seen them recently or they must not know about the forthcoming “vegan butcher,” otherwise they would have fucking told you about the “vegan butcher.”

Let’s start by saying that “vegan butcher” is obviously false advertising and is not a “butcher” in any sense of the word. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “butcher” as the following:

  • Someone who cuts and sells meat in a shop
  • Someone who kills animals and prepares their meat to be eaten
  • A shop that sells meat

Not to mention that “vegan butcher” is an oxymoron just like “jumbo shrimp,” “act naturally,” “business ethics,” “government organization” and “my loving mother.”

Now if this individual was a person who only butchered vegans, then I think the title could be correctly used.

Despite the ridiculous name, the idea for the new business was received with open arms on Kickstarter, receiving $61,806 when their original goal was $50,000. The Herbivorous Butcher asked people to “Help us build the world’s first vegan butcher shop so we can make more handcrafted meat-free meats for all #AllVeganEverything.”

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