The World’s Largest Rodent Chugs A Beer Better Than You Ever Could

by 3 years ago

Go fuck yourself pizza rat. You can’t hold a candle to beer capybara.

Look at this big fella chug beers! The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, but they’re just like you and me in their love of beer!

This adorable giant rat was in the neighborhood so he dropped by to have a brewski with these campers in Brazil. Capybaras are able to stay underwater for five minutes, which explains why they can chug beers better than you and I.

Let’s hope this guy didn’t jump into his FIAT and attempt to drive home.

The word “capybara” is from the Tupi, the indigenous peoples in Brazil, and literally translated means “one who eats slender leaves.” Which makes total sense since they can eat nearly 7 pounds of grass in a day! And to think that you just came her to watch a fat rat get drunk, but then you get a whole education on the capybara.

The more you know!

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