Beer Served Inside Of A Dead Squirrel Only Costs $20,000 So You Can Get Drunk For Less Than The Price Of A House

by 4 years ago

This rare and celebratory beer from BrewDog is being heralded as the ‘world’s strongest and most expensive beer’, and at $20,000 (for only 12oz of beer) the latter might very well be true. The 55% ABV Belgian-style Ale ‘End of History’ is being brewed by Scottish brewery BrewDog for the first time in years, and for this batch, the brewery will be selling their rare beer inside of taxidermied (dead) squirrels.

The beer’s name, ‘End of History’, is a nod to the state of Ohio recently lifting its ABV limits previously placed on breweries, limited their abilities to brew extremely high ABV beers.

As noted on FirstWeFeast, which is probably my favorite food website btw, BrewDog is currently knee deep in an equity crowdfunding campaign to build a $50 million brewery project in Ohio, specifically to open up a new brewery in Columbus. The $20,000 not only gets you what is arguably the rarest beer in America but it also gets you a dead squirrel and a minor stake in the brewery.

I suppose the $20K price tag on beer is somewhat misleading at first, but when you see how many invested in the brewery you quickly begin to realize that you actually spent $20k on beer and a dead squirrel, not on a stake in the brewpub.

[h/t FirstWeFeast]

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