A Group Of Bros Have Set Out To Build The World’s Largest Beer Can Pyramid — It’s Going To Be Ridiculously Large

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to turn to your parents and tell them that you’ve been a part of something great. Hell, I tried that once and all they said was, “finishing first in a Tour de Franzia isn’t cool, Nick.” They clearly don’t understand that achieving anything while drunk is cool.

For those who share the same ambition to prove them wrong, though, I introduce to you something that might just earn you some praise, the Beeramid, which is aiming to become the tallest beer can pyramid that the world has ever witnessed.

Attempting to be constructed to, get this, 16 fucking feet high, some truly American bros decided that, after pounding domestic brews over the 4th of July weekend, they wanted to take the world record from a couple of Aussies.

To own this truly bizarre record, these dudes need some serious help, which is why they actually began a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo to try and get some fellow, American beer drinkers to etch their names into the Guinness Book of World Records alongside theirs.

Planned to be constructed on July 18th in Providence, Rhode Island around Brown University, the dudes are calling for all red, white and blue diehards to take part in this momentous occasion, even dropping the line, “the U.S. is #1 at everything in the world. Especially beer drinking.” I couldn’t agree more, which is why this has to happen—like, right now!

Striving for the world record is going to take a band of beer drinkers (and donors), with an estimated 2,500 beer cans necessary to make this damn thing happen. Seriously, just one, measly dollar is something that you can spare, right? If so, your name will be added to the list of backers that strive to make the U.S. the best damn country in the world—as if we didn’t already know that.

With the campaign just launching a couple of days ago, the money earned isn’t quite up to par with what they’re looking for—having raised just $59 so far—but that’s what we’re here for, right? The power of the Internet should help get to that $2,500 goal before you know it, as bros all over the place need to be jumping at the chance to get their name in the record books. The more money these guys get, the more height this beeramid becomes.

So do what your Uncle Sam would want you to do and toss some money their way!

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