Meet Danniel, The World’s Tallest Cow, Measuring 6-Foot-4-Inches And Weighing 2,300 Pounds

Danniel is the world’s tallest cow and stands a whopping 6’4″ tall. You’d think that Danniel would be able to dunk being that tall but he’s also fat as hell.

Weighing in at 2,300-pounds, this Holstein boveine has to eat 100 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain, and drink 100 gallons of water EVERY FUCKING DAY just to stay alive. Add up all that food and you suddenly realize that the world’s tallest cow is dropping some MASSIVE cow patties. Danniel’s pooping out roughly 150 pounds of shit each and every day. That’s 1,050 pounds of poop every single week, or 54,750 POUNDS OF CRAP dropped by Danniel in a calendar year.

To put that in context, African Bush Elephants weigh roughly 13,000 pounds and African Forest Elephants weigh around 6,000 pounds. So this cow is pooping out an ENTIRE ELEPHANT’s WEIGHT worth of shit every six weeks.

As you can see, Danniel is a very special cow. His owners have had him measured to certify him by the Guinness World Records as being the tallest cow in the world, which he is, and he’s dropping more cow pies than any other bovine on the planet. Danniel deserves our thanks and praise.

(h/t TastefullyOffensive)