Vote For The City With The Worst Accent Right Now Because This Is America

NJ Accent


I’m from New Jersey. New Jersey accents are awful but nowhere near as bad as Philly dialect.

Think your city, or the city you hate, has the worst accent to human ears? Now’s your chance to make your voice heard. Unless you’ve got one of these awful accents, then in that case, just keep your mouth shut.

Here’s Gawker’s reason for crowning the worst city accent in America.

“American accents are changing and and flattening. The brash Philadelphia accent, the distinct Texas twang, and even the ballsy New York squawk could soon disappear, mating with blander vocal patterns in neighboring regions.

This may be a gift to our ears, but it comes at a cost. Where will we be when Georgians no longer sound Suthern and Scrantonians can’t protest the konsteetooshun?

Before we lose the drawl that makes Texans Texans and the lazy slack that makes yinzers yinzers, we’re presenting one chance to revel in and celebrate the title of America’s Ugliest Accent.”

Among the cities in the running are Baltimore, Boston, Philly, New York and Pittsburgh and do we really have to choose just one?

H/T Gawker

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