The Reigning Worst Driver In The World Will Enrage You With 4 Minutes Of Complete Fail

It’s an absolute miracle that more people aren’t killed by cars. There are so many people doing their makeup or jerking off while they drive that there should be like a 50% chance that you actually make it to your destination without being involved in an accident. Then you add in all of the incompetent dickwads who somehow passed their driving test despite not possessing the simple motor skills needed to drive a vehicle. There are bungling morons who can’t even navigate out of a nearly vacant parking lot like this asswipe.

This dunderhead’s weapon of choice is a silver BMW X-Class SUV and the individual is having a monumental dilemma attempting to exit this parking lot in Calgary, Canada. This video is so over-the-top ridiculous that I first thought it was fake, then I saw how badly the driver rammed the car behind them and dented it. Then the person for some crazy reason decided to put their vehicle in between the two parked cars and in an even tighter situation. The owner of the car parked next to them was so concerned about the well-being of his vehicle that he rushed outside and sped away before his car got hit.

The excruciatingly painful video plays out like a bad horror flick; every time you think the car has a clear escape path, they trip over their own clumsy feet. Thankfully, a man sees how terrible the driver is and helps them navigate through the shopping plaza parking lot.

This person had such an epic fail that the Calgary police have opened a criminal investigation on the driver. Dear law enforcement of Canada, please do what needs to be done and just confiscate their drivers license and never, ever give it back.

The only possible reasonable explanation is that Austin Powers was driving that SUV.