People Shared Their Most F*cked Up First Date Experiences And We May Never Go On A Date Again

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worst first date experiences


We’ve seen some tremendous topics covered by those deviants over at “Ask Reddit,” from “People’s biggest porn pet peeves” to “The craziest things people have ever done to get laid,” but this one might top them all.

Redditor upvote-craver hit the motherlode of WTF when he posed the question, “What is your most fucked up first date experience?

Consider the responses here to be a primer in what NOT to do on a first date (and please tell us you’ve never done any of these things).

DATELINE 1983 – San Francisco: I met a girl in small bookstore, we seemed to hit it off so I asked her out. She took me to a nearby ATM to get some cash for dinner and she and her partner tries to rob me. They had been having some success with the setup over the summer, so the SFPD was watching ATMs in the area and arrested them both.

I spent the night at the police station being interviewed and writing my statement; No dinner, no first date sex, and the shop sold the book I wanted. ~ Steampunker683

For a while I had on my okcupid profile that I would accept any reasonably pitched invitation to a date. This led to many bad dates.

A notably bad one: guy invites me to a party. I ask a few questions but he’s kinda vague. Tells me to dress nice. It ends up being a religious family holiday. He told his family I was his girlfriend.

I went with it. ~ MeghanAM

The guy was super baked and kept complimenting me on the cute wrinkles on my toes. ~ munkyyy

Met a guy online and thought he was cool, so met up with him for a coffee. I kissed him on the cheek to say hello, which he took as an opportunity to stick his tongue down my throat and go for a boob grab. I pulled back, and he yelled at me “IS IT BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING RETARD?” in front of a packed cafe. He had a hearing aid.

I left pretty quickly after that. ~ lilysasha

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