People Shared The Craziest Things They’ve Ever Done To Get Laid And They Are All 100% Believable

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craziest thing done to have sex


Thanks to “Ask Reddit” we have learned in the past things such as what the least sexy thing people have ever seen their partner do and things that have made people stop sex right in the middle of it.

However, we haven’t read any stories of just what great lengths people have gone to in order to have sex. Until now.

Thanks to Redditor epicrusty who asked, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get laid?” we now know just how far people will go for a little lovin’.

Of course, to no one’s surprise, it turns out that people will go very, very far in order to get laid.

Here are some of the craziest stories…

I once drove half way across the country for some nookie. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina while my then girlfriend (now wife) was still finishing college way out in the Midwest. 20 hours of driving. Each way.

There was some holiday and the base gave us a 96 hour pass. At the time, that meant we were allowed to travel anywhere within a 300 mile radius and I was way out of that circle.

I didn’t care. I pulled a 20 hour shift behind the wheel, stopping only to pee and call my girl. This was in the days before cell phones (important later). I cranked loud music on my cassette deck and rolled the windows down to stay awake, slapping myself in the face the whole way.

When I got there, I had non stop sex for 48 hours, stopping only to eat and sleep. Then I began my drive back to base. In my beat up piece of shit Honda which had close to 300,000 miles on it.

Everything was going fine. I was on track to make it back to base just in time to get a good night’s sleep and report in for head count the following morning. No one would ever know that I had traveled beyond the radius set by the CO, an offense punishable by actual jail time. (Brig time can be “awarded” for Unauthorized Absence.)

So of course my car sputtered to a halt in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in Indiana. Steam billowed from the front while a pool of radiator fluid, oil and other liquids expanded from below the hood and into the empty road.

I was shaking my fist at the sky and cursing my luck when I heard a car pull to a halt behind mine. The window rolled down and a young lady with dark skin and a lovely smile asked me if she could help.

“Not unless you’re going to North Carolina,” I said.

Unbelievably, she was. She was in the Army, stationed near my base, and would actually be driving past where I needed to be. I moved my luggage from my car to hers, grabbed the registration and got in the passenger seat.

About ten miles later we stopped at Possum Junction, where I inquired about a tow. The tow cost more than the car was worth, so I signed it over to them and continued my trip back to base.

Ten hours later (there were delays) she dropped me off at my barracks with about 2 hours to spare before head count.

TL;DR: Risked jail, gave away a car and hitch hiked halfway across America for booty. Was worth it, now married. ~ garmachi

I faked a shoulder injury and asked for a massage. Our 20th anniversary is next month. ~ NoFunHere

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