Worst Friends Ever Throw Passed Out Drunk Guy Off Second Story Balcony

Here in America when our friends pass out from drinking too much we cheekily draw dicks on their faces, but it seems that Australians take their drunk shenanigans to a whole nother level. These Australian gentlemen were on vacation in Canada and did a great deal of partying, and unfortunately things did not end well for one friend who is ironically named “Snowy.” The video of their actions was so outrageous that it has been removed from YouTube, but here was the description:

“Our mate Snowy passed out half naked on the couch after a 2 day bender. He needed a wake up, so we threw him off the second story balcony of our house into the snow.”

Oh, he needed to be awaken, so of course the only way to do that is to throw him off your balcony where he could have easily ended up breaking an arm or paralyzed. I’m sure some setting an alarm clock on a phone or splashing cold water on his face definitely wouldn’t have done the trick. If only Snowy’s nickname was “Red Velvet Cakey,” then maybe his friends would have tossed him into a delightfully spongy and creamy confection.

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