If You’ve Ever Been On The Subway Or A Train I Invite You To Join Me In Saying ‘F*ck You!’ To This Person


Songquan Deng / shutterstock.com

We all sacrifice space, both personal and shared, in order to live in New York City. It doesn’t take living very long in this city before you figure out that many New Yorkers take extreme advantage of that shared space, often making your day-to-day life a living hell by thrusting CD’s in your hand as you walk down the sidewalk, standing on your street corner every single day for EIGHT WHOLE YEARS asking you for money, or hopping on the subway and bringing all of their belongings. That latter offence is the one I’m here to talk about today, the one about packing the subway cars full of your own shit and making everyone touch tips in order to make enough space for your shopping cart.

When I look at this photo from the Gothamist I experience so many emotions I don’t even know where to begin:


Obviously this person was too cheap to hire movers, but I get that, movers in NYC are either ridiculously expensive or they don’t give two shits about your belongings and are going to break at least 15% of your things in the move. So the want/need to save money on the move and do it yourself is one I can totally get on board with. What I cannot fathom is how this individual came to a point in life where they found it acceptable to bring every fucking item they own onto a crowded subway, the uptown 2 train to be exact.

I’m not kidding when I say that if I was on this train I would have reamed this asshole out for being everything wrong with this city. At the same time though I respect the hell out of this move, because there’s nothing more alpha in NYC than making everyone around you bend over and succumb to whatever the hell your prerogative is.

Shout out to the Gothamist for post this first, you all do great work and I read your stuff every day! Also, CLICK HERE for more details regarding this mystery subway rider (if you’re still interested).