Women Gets What Is Truly The Most Asinine Parking Ticket In History, Judge Handles It Like A Boss

by 3 years ago

This woman from Providence, Rhode Island appeared before a judge to dispute a parking ticket she’d received. The issue was that she’d parked in an area that’s a ‘no parking zone’ from 8 to 10pm. The woman had parked there at 9:59, and got out of her car when the clock on the dashboard said 10pm.

Instead of acting like a human being with any semblance of a soul, the meter maid fuckboi took it upon themselves to write this woman a parking ticket and stamped the date/time at 9:59:58…TWO FUCKING SECONDS before she was legally allowed to park there.

The law is the law, and she was clearly in violation of the ‘no parking zone’ hours for a whole two seconds. But you have to be one evil son of a bitch to write someone a parking ticket for a 2-second violation. NBA refs don’t even call players on 3-second violations these days and some dickhead wrote this woman a ticket for getting out of her car with 2 seconds to spare.

Now, this judge was a total bro about it and cracked some jokes before dismissing the case entirely. But surely there must have been other people there with much more pressing cases/offences trying to get in front of the judge. How is this an appropriate use of a judge’s time/resources? Hearing the case of a woman who parked in a spot TWO FUCKING SECONDS before she was allowed to….unreal.

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