People Shared The Worst Summer Job They’ve Ever Had And Some Of These Sound Horrible

by 2 years ago

We are less than two weeks away from the first official day of Summer 2017 (June 21st). The ‘Summer Job’ is a right of passage for every youth in America. It typically involves shitty work that pays practically nothing, and it’s truly just a ruse by parents to get their kids out of the house during the Summer and doesn’t actually teach anything about responsibility and hard work.

My summer jobs involved being a camp counselor in Black Mountain, N.C., waiting tables until I threw my shoulder out in a freak beer pong injury, and slanging iPods at Best Buy….None of these were particularly exciting. I guess camp counseling was fun because I taught riflery and rock climbing, but it was an all male (and Christian) camp so I definitely missed out on the coed aspects of camp that I heard about as being awesome. Actually, the thing I remember the most about being a camp counselor is how I got this ‘Cat Sanderson’ nickname from some police officers. It’s a pretty f’d up story and I highly suggest you give it a read.

With Summer just around the corner, Jimmy Fallon asked people to tweet him about the worst Summer jobs they’ve ever had. These Summer job horror stories are proof that we all need to get out there and start living our best lives. There’s no excuse for being miserable. If you hate your job then quit that shit and do something that you’ll actually enjoy.

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