These Completely WTF Reasons People Have Been Dumped Will Make Your Bad Breakup Seem Like A Dream

There are very few adults in the world who have not experienced a bad breakup at some point in their life. Yet no matter how bad you think your breakup was I hope that it was never for reasons as WTF as these given by people over on Whisper.

After reading them, these people should all consider themselves lucky that these relationships ended when they did.

That is a total lie.

Facebook can be such a mine field.

Nice humblebrag.

Get in the way of sex? Perhaps he doesn’t get how sex works.

That’s some hardcore comic book nerdery right there.

On the bright side, at least you still have your porn stash.

Social media takes yet another victim.

How wonderfully judgemental of him.

It seems possible that her ex might have some deeper issues here.

Avoided both a mama’s boy and a potential nightmare mother-in-law. Good job!

Check out the rest of the WTF reasons people have been dumped over at Whisper.

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