Elderly Florida Woman Arrested For Prostitution Is Proof We’re All Bad At Planning For Retirement

There’s some deep irony in the fact that Florida lays claim to being the ‘Retirement Capital of the World’ but the 70-year-old elderly woman in this news story can’t even stay retired. Millennials are god awful at planning for retirement, this is known, but I think most of us assume the Boomer Generation is better prepared for retirement. That’s not the case with Sun Hee Gribat, 70, who was arrested at a massage parlor in Jacksonville, Florida after she offered an undercover cop sex for $60 (via PalmBeachPost.com):

A senior citizen was arrested at a Florida massage parlor after an undercover sting, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said in a report.
Sun Hee Gribat, 70, was arrested Tuesday at Jax Therapy after she offered a sex act after a massage, JSO said.
The hour-long massage cost $70, JSO said, and an additional service in the form of a sex act was offered for another $60, the police report said.

Florida’s land of the weird and home of the strange. It’s a scorching hot melting pot of elderly transplants from all across the globe seeking to retire in warmth, and people like myself who were born/raised in Florida and forged by the Sunshine State’s idiosyncrasies. Florida leads the nation in weird news, but many people claim this is because other states are more stringent on how arrests are reported.

Personally, I think Florida leads the nation in Weird News because it’s so goddamn hot and humid. And also because a large portion of the population is people from the Midwest/Northeast who quit their jobs in the middle of the Winter and moved to Florida overnight with any life plan (or savings), so there’s a very impetuous portion of the population.

I’m not going to spend the rest of the day ranting about how weird Florida is, but I’ll note that you’re not likely to find something like this happening in Illinois, or South Dakota.

(h/t PalmBeachPost)

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