Wyman Meinzer Is The Biggest Badass In Texas, This Man Is Proof That Life Is For The Living

In the latest installment of Yeti Presents we meet Wyman Meinzer, a man that truly embodies the wild spirit of Texas. Yeti Presents is a pseudo-documentary series produced by Yeti Coolers that goes behind the scenes with the most interesting men in America. You might remember their short film with the Malloy Brothers, one of the most interesting families in surfing.

While we’ve seen some big personalities in the past in Yeti Presents I don’t believe we’ve ever seen someone quite like Wyman before, and I’m not sure there’s anyone in America like him. I first came across this video on Monday when Yeti set it live on their YouTube channel but I wasn’t sure how to frame this for you bros. How do I convey that this is a man who is out there living life like a total badass while the rest of us are sitting at our computers, and how do I put that into a headline worth clicking? Ultimately, I decided it didn’t matter how I framed this because this content should speak for itself. Wyman is living life in a way that many of us wish we could, but can’t for whatever reason, and that gives hope to many that life is for the living.

And if you’re more of a fishing guy than a hunting man you might enjoy this short clip with Flip Pallot, legendary fly fishing guide from the Florida Keys, a man I grew up watching every Saturday morning on fishing shows: