Yo Bro! U.S. Map Shows What Word Men Use Refer Their Friends Across The Country

All this time we thought this was the United States of Bro. Turns out, Dude, NOT BRO, appears to be the most widely used word to call a guy in America. Let’s change that. And I’m not even lobbying to change it to Bro. Naw, fuck that. I want the most used word to be something else. Something like Kemosabe. Or Chap. Or Comrade. Or Cuntsteam.

“Yo Cuntsteam, toss me a cold one” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Yeah, you really do think.

Head over to Quartz to see how Pal and Fella fared. 

[H/T Deadspin via Quartz]