You’re Sexting and You Don’t Even Enjoy It

But after polling 155 undergraduates, researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne came away with some surprising information: Youths sometimes don't even enjoy the sexting—they instead feel obligated to sext in order to “flirt, engage in foreplay, satisfy a partner’s need or foster intimacy in their relationship.” Not to get off or even think about getting off. This holds true for men nearly as much as it does for women.

Is anything sacred?

From the Huffington Post:

Working to understand the frequency of “consensual but unwanted sexting” — scientist-speak for “sexting when you’re not in the mood” — psychologists at Indiana University-Purdue University For Wayne polled 155 undergraduates who were or had been in committed relationships on their sexting habits.

Fifty-five percent of the female respondents said they had previously engaged in unwanted sexting, while 48 percent of men had done the same. Those numbers are surprisingly similar to previous findings on so-called “compliant sexual activity”: A1994 report determined that 55 percent of American women and 35 percent of American men had ever engaged in consensual but unwanted sex.


The informal term for the act is “requisexting;” be sure to drop that 10 cent word in a conversation this evening. Everyone will be really impressed.

Anyway, this distressing bit of info means one thing: Your Snapchat is a web of lies. DECEIT AND LIES.

[H/T: Huffington Post]