Dude Tells Another Guy ‘You Don’t Know Who My Parents Are,’ Then Gets Literally Punched Down A Flight Of Stairs

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Do you know when you should say, “You don’t know who my parents are” When you are 5-years-old arguing with fellow snot-nosed pants-shitter over a SpongeBob toy at preschool and your parents are the owners of said preschool. That is an appropriate time to say, “You don’t know who my parents are.”

However, these two gentlemen appear to be of college age, making them well beyond the age of saying, “You don’t know who my parents are.” At college age, the only time it would be acceptable so say “You don’t know who my parents are” is if you were at a Hilton hotel with a young lady who you wanted to impress and you were related to Conrad Hilton or if you are El Chapo’s son.

However, saying “You don’t know who my parents are?” during an argument is not a good look. But that didn’t stop this fella.

While squabbling with another dude, this guy pulled out the “You don’t know who my parents are.” The other gent did not give a care who the guy’s parents were and smashed the kid right in the face.

“You don’t know who my parents are.” Motherfucker, I hope your parents are both plastic surgeons because you’re gonna need a new face after you got you got your clock cleaned.

Is this even assault? Before the KO’d gentleman was belted into next week, he did say, “Well, hit me then.”

The knocked out fellow doesn’t even know who his parents are.