You’ll Never Guess Which TV Show, Video Game And Movie America Torrents The Most, According To These Maps


WHO THE HELL IS WASTING THEIR BANDWITH ON The Big Bang Theory??? Seriously people? And Beauty And The Beast? I don’t even know what that is. Come on New York, this is some bottom tier shit you’ve got going on.


“Game of Thrones is the most torrented television program in America, according to a new survey.
Movoto blog which is owned by housing information company Movoto Real Estate, looked at what TV shows, movies and video games each state downloaded over the course of 40 days, and found that while movie tastes vary, there are clear trends for popular television and video games…
Movoto collected data from almost four million users sharing a file (otherwise called ‘seed nodes’), as well as three million unique IP addresses – which were all sharing the top 300 most popular torrents, segmented across movies, television, and PC gaming.”

Via Daily Mail


Yeah, after playing Watch Dogs for a while I wish I woulda torrented it instead of buying it. Whatever, Fallout will be here at some point to soothe my woes.



THIS I can agree with. X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Captain America are both badass. Carry on, states who download those the most. But Kentucky? That Awkward Moment, really? You’re an embarrassment, fix yourselves.

[H/T Daily Mail]
[Images via Movoto Blog and Shutterstock]

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