Do You See Your Ex Too Frequently In Your Facebook Feed? This Video’s For You

by 3 years ago

YouTube / Mashable

Does it ever seem like Facebook is taunting you with photos and mentions of your ex? Well, thanks to this video starring James Coker of ‘The Other Kennedys’ fame we now have somebody to blame. This guy right here, this is the MoFo who makes sure that your ex is constantly doing really, really, ridiculously fun things in you Facebook feed:

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Facebook. You’re whizzing past that ‘Donate To My Cause’ post from your crazy aunt, some mention of a shitty Indie Rock band you couldn’t care less about from that dude you knew back in high school who was weird then and has only gotten weirder. You keep scrolling and you see one of your bros went fishing last weekend and caught more fish than you’ve ever seen in a lifetime…than BOOM, there’s your ex. She’s with some dude that’s probably her new boyfriend but you’re not sure and you’re going to tell yourself you don’t give a shit but you can’t stop yourself from doing a little stalking and are relieved to see he’s only been in 99 photos with her recently, which means they’re totally not dating. If it was 100 photos they’d definitely be dating, but since it’s only 99 you’re in the clear, bro.

Anyways, if you found this video funny you should check out the other things this actor’s done (including 2 30 Rock cameos), like ‘The Other Kennedys‘, a story about two very distant cousins of The Kennedys who are living the dream up at the family’s home on the Cape.