If You’re a 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old

by 4 years ago

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Every post-grad, 20-something millenial idiot is guilty of this, but we do it anyway. By “this,” I mean bitch and moan about how old you are just because you’ve been out of college longer than you were in college. It’s a terrible habit: You can’t drink beer until 2am anymore, so you drink as much beer as you possibly can at happy hour from 7pm – 11pm, then go home after whining “I’m olddddd!” Or your girlfriend finds a stray gray hair and you cry “waaaaaahhhhhh life’s over.” Or you think about how Tommy Pickles from Rugrats would be 23-years-old in real life.

Except it’s not. You’re not old. You’re young as shit compared to everyone else. College Humor nails it with this one.

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