You’ve Been Applying Cologne Wrong

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How do you apply your cologne? Do you spray cologne directly into the air and then walk into the pungent cloud? Do you shower your clothes with eau de toilette to disguise the fact that you haven’t showered in three days? Do you bathe in a body spray to cover up your huevos rancheros farts? Yeah, don’t do these things. This is not how a proper gentleman applies cologne, but don’t fret because you can quickly remedy these common mistakes that many men make.

There are three blunders that men make when applying cologne:

  • Applying to the wrong areas
  • Applying too much
  • Rubbing it into the skin after application

The oils in cologne are designed to sit and meld with your skin’s natural oils. That can’t happen is you apply your fragrance to your BAPE t-shirt. If you do spritz your body with cologne you shouldn’t rub in the oils because it’s cologne, not lotion and you’re not a person being held captive in a well in the basement of a serial killer. Rubbing the cologne into your skin will cause it to be absorbed by your skin quicker, thus the sweet-smelling bouquet doesn’t last as long. Plus, a fragrance rubbed into your skin can distort the scent. You are perfectly allowed to pat the cologne into your skin like, but no rubbing.

You should apply the cologne to a place on your body that is warm, but not too warm that it will dissipate too quickly. Put it somewhere too cold, like your wrist, and the smell won’t travel as far. Business Insider reports that the ideal place to apply cologne is the area between your chest and neck. If you’re a neckbeard, this is the one time in life that it is beneficial since body hair can trap fragrance oil and increase the life of the cologne.

Another protip about cologne is “less is more.” You don’t need to bathe in Drakkar Noir to impress the ladies.

You don’t want to give everyone a headache and think that there someone misplaced a used diaper filled with Indian food. But make sure that you spray enough for people to actually smell it otherwise you wasted your money on a $72 bottle of cologne.

Hopefully, these cologne tips help you increase your success rate and 60 percent of the time it works every time for you.